Frequently Asked Questons

Here is a sampling of the questions we commonly get, hope you enjoy them.


I am an Event Planner in Richmond and have a client who is wondering if the Cannery can be rented for special events. The client wishes to hold a gala dinner for 100 people in June 2007. Please advise if the site can be rented and what the cost is and if outside catering can be brought in.

Many Thanks Nicky

Hello Nicky,

Yes they do, I am forwarding you to the Marketing Coordinator at the Cannery,
Rob Hart, who will help you,



Our family is thinking about coming for the weekend and wonder if you can recommend any hotels or B&Bs...we have 2 young children so I'm thinking the Steveston hotel might be pretty noisy.....thanks for your help!


Hello Steve,

This should be of help. They all are in Richmond, some close to Steveston.



I wonder if you can help me? Do you have any knowledge of where I might be able to find a family lawyer who is fluent in both English and Japanese? I am looking for someone in the greater Vancouver area.

thank you for any ideas.
Sincerely, John

Hello John,

I will forward your request to one of the many lawyers I know in Steveston. The community has a very large Japanese heritage and population. He will get back to you.


Do you know of a store in Steveston called Seed to Fashio - I could not find it in the phone book or on the web site but have heard of it! I hope to bring some friends to Steveston in February and would like to have an address.

Thank you,

Rosalind Aylmer, West Vancouver.

Hello Rosalind,

Please let her know you found them thought the Steveston Villager directory.


From Seeds to Fashion 150-12420 No. 1 Road Margaret Czeszejko 604-277-3676



We would love to receive your monthly "e" newsletter! (We just loved "The Steveston Villager" ... AWESOME!!)

Thanks so much!

Rick and Miriam

PS ... also ... we just moved from Cloverdale to Richmond (Steveston area).  Is there any way we could find out ALL about Richmond , and especially Steveston.

Hello Miriam,

Yes indeed, Steveston is the place to live.  I have made it my home for over 25 years.  I have added you to our distribution list.  I have included the last issue for reference until the next issue in September. Welcome to town,


Hi Sue ...

I am soooooo sorry for the late reply!  I guess it all goes with "moving".

We came from 2 acres in Cloverdale, which sold within 2 weeks.  Yikes ... we packed like crazy ... and brought all sorts of "stuff" with us.  (We are still going through it all!!) Anyways ... I just wanted to thank you so much for adding me to your list!! I am really enjoying reading it! And, yes indeed ... I am really enjoying living in Steveston so far!

Thanks for the welcome!

Cheers, Miriam



I just found your steveston website and on the FAQ page found lots of people asking specific questions about Steveston but I can't find anywhere on the site the email address to which to send questions.  Can you please provide this email address?  I am going to be visiting Vancouver in October and plan on visiting Steveston and have a few questions for them.

Jill >^..^<

Hello Jill,

Not everyone has email, if you have specific question for certain businesses, please sent along to me and I will forward either email or fax.  



My question is dealing with October 10, Thanksgiving.  I was wondering if the Canning Museum would be open that day. 

I would also like to know if Steveston has any kind of tourism brochure or information they can send me to help plan.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hello Jill,

Yes, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site is open October 10.  They have in their racks The Steveston Villager, that should help you.  There is also a lot of information on the website, that will help you in planning.




This is a Japanese Canadian newspaper. We are trying to find out the full name of the person in the photo attached. She introduced herself to be the daughter of an elderly immigrant Mr. Murao. They welcomed us the member of COPANI conference on July 8th and took us on tour. If there is anyone who knows her full name, please urgently let us know.

Yusuke, Nikkei Voice

Hello Yusuke,

I will forward this to the cannery, perhaps they can help you.



Thanks a lot! She might be a member of Japanese Budhist Church in Steveston. They should have regular service on Sundays.

Yusuke, Nikkei Voice

Hello Yusuke,

I will forward to the Church.


Hi Sue,

Thanks a lot! We finally found the person's name. Nikkei Voice apppreciate all of your help.

Good Night, Yusuke



We will be returning to the coast next year - July or August and the last week of March.  We are interested in salmon fishing.  Could you send us information regarding hiring a guide, with a boat, so that my husband could catch a salmon.  He has a lot of equipment, as he used to fish on the Fraser when we lived in Chilliwack.

Are there any fishig resorts in your area?

I supppose that the most important question is when is the best time to catch a salmon (not pink).?

Thanks, and waiting to hear from you.

Myl and Ken Towse

Hello Myl & Ken,

I will forward your email to Steveston Seabreeze Adventures.  They are located in Steveston and their website is available on our website , on the right hand side under Kwiklinx, third down if you need more information on sport fishing.   They should also be able to answer your other questions as well.


Hello Steveston !

Living in Mission and getting visitors from Germany for 3 weeks I would like to know when the shrimp sale is directly from the boats.

On what day of the week and at what time is the sale.

We want to come with our visitors to Steveston to get fresh shrimps and also want to go for dinner in a nice fish restaurant.

Please, - I am waiting for your response and information on that.

Thank you so much in advance, we will be there soon.

J. Wolf


Weekends are best, and restaurants for seafood, try the Steveston Seafood House!



We appreciated receiving a copy of the Steveston Villager recently.  We noted the listing of B&B's on page 13 with interest, as we have some family members coming from Manitoba for a visit in September.  Location is important in making a choice of a place for them to stay, but I couldn't find even one of those listed in the tekephone directory, to pinpoint location.  One alternative of course is to start phoning all of them to check on location and accommodation, but before I launch myself in that direction, is it possible that you could provide a location for the B&B's listed?  This would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Hi Dave,

Take a look on this page, it lists the B&B's websites.



I will be visiting your lovely village in October this year, could you please supply me with any hotels or B&B's in the area.


Tony Wheldon

Adelaide , South Australia

Hi Tony,

There is a  Steveston Hotel KWIKLINX via The Buck and Ear Pub Logo, and the B&B's are listed on the home page “Steveston Community E-Newsletter” page under THE LULU ISLAND B&B ASSOCIATION.  Hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Please let those businesses know you found them on the Steveston Community Website .  There is also B&B's listed in the Business Directory under ACCOMODATIONS.


Hi there; I visited Steveston recently & noticed a new restaurant (right by Blenz Coffee) but cannot for the life of me remember the name of it...I'm sure it starts with a "C".  I'm hoping you know! 

Many thanks!

Gillian Burns

Hi Gillian,

Here's the info : Please let them know you found them through the Steveston Community Website,



Correli's Restaurant

3900 Bayveiw


George Tel: 604-272-7264




Thank you for taking the time to read our e-mail. We are contacting you regarding the history of Steveston Village. In your website there is no mention of the history of the land. We know a lot of people that are very interested in the history of the land. We were trying to find the history of the land on the corner of Trites and Andrews but our search was unsuccessful. We genuinely hope you ponder the thought of adding the history of the land to your website.

We are students at MacNeill Secondary and are currently doing a project regarding the history of the land of Steveston. We were wondering if you have any information that you could send us regarding the subject. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read and, hopefully, respond to our e-mail. Please respond A.S.A.P M & C

Hi M & C,

I will refer you to these sources on the Steveston Website: The Steveston Museum and Post Office would probably be your best bet.



My name is Barb Roberts and I am planning the senior's bus trips for the City of Abbotsford. I would like to come out and spend a day at Steveston Village. This won't be until August, but could you suggest an itinerary for us so we could catch some great Steveston sites? There will be a bus of about 45 seniors. In the past we have visited the cannery, so we can do that again or if you can suggest other sites that would be great!

Thanks! I'm open to suggestions!


Hi Barb,

I have forwarded your request to the Heritage Groups in Steveston and they should be able to help you with schedules and tour information. Hope your Seniors enjoy their visit.



I am coming over in August and have heard about this cruise but cannot find anything on the net about it. Could you please tell me if it still goes and send me any info you have on it .

Thank you so much

Sue Riley

Hi Sue Riley,


Starline Tours

13942 - 96th Avenue


Fred Whitford Tel: 604-272-9187

Fax: 604-930-0556


Please let them know you found them through the Steveston Village Community Website.



Could you tell me if there is a RV Park in Steveston or close by? Thank you.

John D

Hi John,

I think this may help you locate a site. They should have the answers to your question.


After 18 years, the Richmond RV Park will be closing its location at 6200 River Road, Richmond, B.C. (official closing date is December 31, 2004). We have leased our lands from the City of Richmond on a "short-term" basis, two years at a time, and now these lands will be used to build the Speed Skate Oval for the 2010 Olympics. The City of Richmond has assured us of the importance to maintain an RV park in Richmond and said they would help us find land to relocate. At present, this is ongoing, so we cannot tell you if, when or where we will be moving. You can keep track of our progress via our web site: . We don't expect there will be much new to report before the end of January We have enjoyed operating this campground for the past 18 years. If you have to work for a living, there couldn't be a better business than an RV park. The majority of travelers are on holidays and you get to meet a great group of people. We think RVers are some of the friendliest people in the world. We have been fortunate to develop many lasting friendship through our business. We sincerely thank everyone for their patronage and support over these 18 years. Kirk, Brett, John & Sharon Nasadyk RICHMOND RV PARK & CAMPGROUND



We are planning a trip to Richmond in 2005 to see the tall ships but can't find any web sites with any info on it. Can you help me? When is is to occur ? About how many ships are going to be there. We have always gone to the Vancouver Indy, but now that thats gone, we want to see the ships.

Scott Gibson

Hi Scott,

Sorry, our City decided not to hold them in 2005. They will be in Vancouver and Victoria. I suggest you check with Tourism Vancouver for more information.



Could you please forward t his request to someone who could reply to us about staying in Steveston at Christmas.  We would fly into Vancouver Int'l. correct?  Do we need a car to get to Steveston or is there another mode of transportation from the airport.  Please recommend some b & b's.  Also would appreciate a list of activities over the holidays (e.g. Dec. 23-Dec. 30, 2004 approx).

thank you,


Hi Charlene,

I am forwarding this to some of our B&B's and they will be in touch. I believe some of the B&B will shuttle. The list of activities are on the website, Calendar of Events, and is updated monthly.


Hi There,

I am hoping you can help me out. I was in Steveston this summer, and there is a fabulous world music store tucked away in a little corner, on I would say somewhere along 2nd or 3rd avenue. But I can't remember the name of it, and I trying to pass along the message of what a great store it it. It is owned by a Latin American woman. Do you know what store I am talking abou, and what the name of it is? A contact number would be great too.




Hi Danielle,

Here we go!  Please let them know you found them though the Steveston Community Website.


World Music Record Shop

12240 2nd Avenue


Camia Rodriguez



My name is Graham and I live in Kamloops.  On a recent visit to Steveston I bought some things from a small down town store that specialized in all things English in the food line.  I think it was located on a corner if I remember correctly.  Anyway I would like their address (e-mail) or whatever you can give me as I want to get in touch to buy some more things.

Thank you.

Hi Graham,

Here is the only information I have. The phone is also a fax. Please let them know where you found them, the Steveston Community Website.


British Home

3986 Moncton Street


Mary and Ray Carter



Could you please send me specific directions on how to get from North Vancouver (Capilano Road) to Steveston Village in Richmond. Thank you for your time.

Yours Truly,

Hi Stephanie,

Our directions page has detailed directions on getting in and out of Steveston. Enjoy your stay!


I live in New Westminster and was wondering what was happening in beautiful Steveston on CANADA DAY.

Thank you so much for your help and time with this matter.

Have a look at the City or Richmond's page on the salmon festival here or for more info try: at the Steveston Salmon Festival.

I am currently working on a project in Toronto but will be coming home to my beloved Vancouver over the July 1st holiday. What time does the SalmonFest parade start in Steveston On July 1st and what is the parade route?

Thank you

I have forwarded your request for exact info. There is also info in the Calendar of Events.

The Steveston Community Website

Hello, I am a local artist who does Folk Art , My quetion is ...Is there a way to show and sell my Art near or on the new
boardwalk ? Could i maybe set some of my Art out near the railing at the south end of riversong? any info you have would be
greatly appreciated .


I suggest you contact Tamica Fisher at the Steveston Villager Art Gallery at 604-241-5771. She displays local art.

Hi There

Iam wanting a application to participate in this years Salmonfest Parade could you email me one or let me know where I can get one. I have misplaced mind...................Thanks Cal Jahner President of Richmond Gymnastics.

Hi Cal,

Thanks for stopping by the website. I am forwarding your request to the Steveston Community Society who actually organizes Salmon Festival. They will be able to help you.


Sue Girling

I am an MBA student at Royalroads University working on my MBA. My current assignment relates to the Oak Bay BIA and how to be successful. I'm wondering if you can share any ideas on what has worked and not worked in terms of your experience with Steveston. Your insight would be very helpful.

Thanks so much!

Shanna Mason
MBA Student
Royalroads University

Hi Shanna
I have worked on a BIA in 1986 for Steveston Revitalization, and tried to put two subsequent BIA's but they failed. If you can be specific on your questions I will try and answer them for you of what I can remember. You have asked a lot of good questions, I will try to give you a short synopsis:

What are the keys to success in drawing people to a business area through a business association of some form? What key roles should an association play?

I am not sure I understand the question. The key to a business association is power to influence, in our case Richmond Council. It allowed us the power to defeat the city's intent to introduce meter parking. It gave us leverage to have Steveston decorated by the city at Christmas and to participate in the Banner Beatification program. An association allow business to belong to something that help promote the town as a whole, and reduces individual advertising costs by co-op ads.

What are the benefits for joining the BIA from your perspective?

It helps to build a stronger business community and opens up the advertising and promotion of the area to media's such as TV and Radio. A BIA would put in place a full or part time coordinator to complete these initiatives.

Any negatives as well?

There are as many negative as positive effect of a successful BIA.. The assessment was based on a per sq. foot. and hence the problem. Our two BIA failed, as they did not have the support of the required number of landlords owning the majority of the available space, a lot who were absentee. The BIA would have increased property taxes, which would have filtered down to the tenants. Most of the businesses were small and felt they could not afford an increase in their rents. The landlord loses when he has an empty space and increased taxes to pay. The larger business, looses, such as a lumber yard, when they have no tenants to offset the increase.

Do you operate under a terms of reference or charter? Any other keys to success?

The Steveston Business Association operated as a not for profit registered association.

The key is to have the business community spearhead the project. Gathering all the knowledge, answers to the questions that can be expected. We had Coordinators from other successful BIA programs; such as Mount Pleasant, New West Quay and Gastown speak to our Executive.

The Steveston business Association, through money seeded by the City and visionary businesses to hire a company to do the initial contacting of the business and make the presentations. It was, I feel, a mistake to bring in outside organizers to a community this small there was a lot of criticism and scepticism and some mistrust. Steveston is a very small community, sometimes too small. There was, as usually, a faction of businesses in town that thought this was too slick a presentation and no newcomer was going to shove this 'thing' (BIA) down their throats. The town was canvassed as Gastown would have been, but I believe it needed the old timers who people trusted to do the canvassing. It takes a great deal of effort on volunteers to make it work. We have a different class of business owner now, the time may come again, that we will try another BIA, we'll see. I am close to retirement and don't have the energy it took 10 years ago. Steveston can't even get organized to create a new Steveston Business Association started again. No one wants to give his or her time or dollars or even get involved. There have been rumblings, but no takers.


Hello. My name is Yosef and I am starting up a vending operation. My menu is flexible, but I have the capacity the vision and the resources to do an all-organic soup, cappuccino and smoothy cart. I live in East Van, so I would easily be able to pull my trailer out to Steveston everyday or just on the weekends.

I would love to hear from you if you have any information that might help me.
Thanks, Yosef.

Hello Yosef,

I don't think that Steveston would be the right venue for you cart. The City of Richmond has bylaws regarding vending carts on its streets and parks. They are strictly enforced not only buy by-law enforcement officers but in Steveston, the businesses themselves. Every business in Steveston, in particular restaurants and food services (of which we have over 75 establishments) would not appreciate you taking their business from them. They work hard 12 months a year, paying taxes and licences to carry on business in our community. We are a tightly knit business community and suggest you look elsewhere for your vending cart business. The Steveston Community Society may be able to help you on their ground during Salmon Festival.

As for your band, you will have to contact the individual property managers in order to get their permission to perform.
They are amenable to live entertainment during the summer months.



I'm a Richmond ex-pat living in the UK, and I've recently heard that the apartments at Garry Point are now some sort of resort, possibly for holiday rentals. I can't find anything on your web site or elsewhere about it, but thought you might be able to provide me with some info? Looking to visit family in June but need to find somewhere to stay (with kitchen).

Many thanks,

Hi Lisa,

I don't think that you could call Steveston a resort village just yet. I don't know of any apartments at Garry Point for rent. Depending on how long you are going to stay, you might consider one of our Bed and Breakfasts, if interested I could put you in touch with some. For a longer stay, like a few months, maybe some of the Realtors on the Steveston Website might be able to steer you to some. I will post this on the web, and if anyone who knows different, they can get in touch with me, and I, in turn will be in touch with you.


Hello -

Lovely website - Good job!

Just wanted to point out an error in one of the answers to a question asked by a customer. She wanted to know when the fish sales float was open for business. The answer stated was weekends, as most of the fleet fishes during the week and fish is available primarily on weekends. Please correct that to 7 DAYS A WEEK. Granted, more boats arrive on Sat & Sun. but there are boats with freezer that sell some of the very finest, highest quality fish available at the docks. It's common practice, for an example, for a "fresh boat" to fish on a Monday salmon opening and they will keep their product on ice until that following Sat. to sell. Whereas a FAS (frozen at sea) boat will sell the number one, export grade product, which is an extremely high quality product, EVERYDAY of the week.

Please don't discourage customers from visiting Steveston during the week days. I'm sure the local business owners would

Many Thanks,

Gigi Egan

Hi Gigi,

Thanks for the heads up. The last thing I would want to do is discourage customers during the week if there are boats selling fish. My information originally came from one of the businesses on the waterfront many years ago. I will post this to the website the next update. Thanks for the kind words on the site. Appreciate the feedback! I will also post this in the E-Newsletter which is sent out monthly (next one in February 04) to businesses and residents in Steveston.

Sue Girling

Hi there,

I'm curious as to the actual road boundaries for the "area of Steveston" not just the Village of Steveston. Can you point me in the right direction?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Alice Lawless

It is usually assumed that the boundaries are from Williams Rd. South and Gilbert West. If you check with Elections Canada or Elections BC their boundaries are different.


I am not sure I have the right link, what I need is a guide of Steveston. I would like to visit or possibly relocate. I would like info on jobs, housing and I would really appreciate any information you could send me.


I would recommend you check our business directory and contact the Real Estate agents listed for advice or referral.


Some time ago, I heard an interview on CBC radio about a gal who has reconstructed her Japanese grandmother's garden. I wrote her name phonetically "Linda Ohala" and I thought she had written a book called "Obatjan's Garden". I remember her saying that Obatjan was the Japanese word for grandmother. Could you give me more information on this? If there is a book, I am interested in purchasing it.

Thank you. Anola Laing

Hello Anola,

Below is the answer to your question from our Steveston historian, Edith Turner:


Sue Girling

You are right - as usual, Sue. It certainly sounds like a reference to the Murakami family history at Britannia except it should be "Linda Ohama" and "Obaachan's Garden". Linda produced an excellent video by the same name - Britannia used to sell it in the rebuilt Murakami house on site. Get Anola to talk to Anne at Britannia at 604-718-8038 to see if it's still available or, now that she'll have the right name, she could simply check a library or the Internet. I don't have an e-mail address for Britannia but there probably is one. Marilyn Clayton was working at Britannia at the time and was instrumental in getting the garden reconstructed. I remember that once it was finished, the whole Murakami clan, including Linda Ohama and her aged grandmother came for a huge reunion lunch and official opening of the garden. I did a walk for them. The grandmother, Mrs. Murakami, died in December 2002, aged 104!



A few summers ago, I used to work at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. On our day off, one of my co-workers and myself had high tea just a few streets away from there. She was a Steveston native, and she told me of a couple of places where one could have high tea. Unfortunately, I don&'tt remember the name of the place we went to, or any other place where high tea is served.

Can you help me with this? Thanks!!!

Kimberly M.

Hi Kimberly,

There are two places in Steveston for high tea, The British Home on the corner of Moncton and No. 1 Road and The Cottage Tea Room on 2nd Ave. between Moncton and Bayview, enjoy. Please let them know you found them by the Steveston website, .

Best regards,

Sue Girling


Hi Sue,

thank you for your quick response. I apppreciate.

I just had a look at the mentioned web-page. The school is placed in the middle of Richmond. I wonder if there is any closer school to Steveston. What really is important is the quality of school/teachers and the other children.

I guess Kaya (5 years old) will start preschool and Lene (3 years old) kindergarden. Can you give me some further information? I am caring so much about this matter and know how important it will be for our children.

Maybe you will find some time again to reply.

Thanks in advance,


There are 12 schools in the Steveston Catchment area, from elementary to secondary schools. Steveston has very high calibre schools for all grades. Kindergarten starts at 5-6 and preschool 3-5yrs,

Hope this helps



I visited Richmond, B.C. in April 2003 and spent a most enjoyable spring day in Steveston. My wife and I stopped into every store in the village, made some purchases, had lunch and dinner, then returned to our hotel.

I am looking for the name of one store that had novelties and candies, etc. from England. A friend of ours is going to Vancouver soon and would like to go to Steveston and purchase some English candy, etc. at this store.

Would you have the name of this store and/or any other that would have what she would be looking for?

Yours truly

Harry Grief

Montreal, Quebec

Hi Harry,

I think the name of the store you are looking for is British Home and it is on the corner of No. 1 Road and Moncton.

Here are the particulars, let them know you found them through the Steveston website.


British Home
3986 Moncton Street Richmond
Mary and Ray Carter

Dear Madam/Sir,

Yesterday I saw a copy of the "Steveston Community Calendar" (Summer 2003, Vol. 13, No. 2). The arial photo of Steveston on the front/back cover of the magazine has a very nice picture of Steveston - including the Imperial Landing area that we have recently moved to.

Is it possible to acquire a electronic copy (jpg, tiff, etc.) of the above mentioned arial photo for personal use?


Hermann Lindner

Hello Hermann,

Welcome to Steveston and thank you for your inquiry. Anything is possible. Sunor Enterprises Ltd. paid Waite Air photos for the right to use it. The photo is online at the Steveston Community Website, however this is a copy write protected photo so I would refer you to Waite Air photos URL. for your own copy for reproduction.


Sue Girling, President

As a former BC'er (Vancouver 1990-1996) your website brings back fond
memories of the coast and the quaintness of Steveston.

Currently I am living in Calgary and writing a novel that uses Steveston as
setting for several chapters. I wanted to know where I could get pamphlets
or any written material on the history of Steveston - specifically
shipbuiling and fishing. In particular, I want to know where fishing boats
were made and how (there is a fishing boat used as a writer's studio in
Banff at the Arts Centre from Steveston built circa 1980). Does the
Britannia Heritage Shipyard offer any classes to the public on how ships
were made? Any additional info available through the Steveston Museum would
be helpful too. My last question - Are there any organizations that offer
instruction in salmon fishing, or would a 'tourist' just have to go out on a
chartered fishing trip to see how it's done?

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Carpenter

Hello Susan,

There are several ways to glean the information you are looking for. You
can contact Britannia and yes they have
classes on boat building. You can contact at the Gulf of
Georgia Cannery NHS for fishing information and for
the Steveston Museum. There are several good reference books that should be
available at your library, Salmonopolis, The Steveston Story, Corklines and
Canning Lines, Sutebusution: a Japanese Village on the West Coast, Richmond
Child of the Fraser. Love to know about your book when it is finished.
Good writing!


Hi Sue

Just thought I'd let you know that the e-mail request you got from the Calgary writer for information about that boat in Banff got passed along to me from Graham - such an effective network we have here in Steveston. Ralph knew the boat and the owner so, after talking to him last night (and inviting him to come for lunch on Sunday), we passed along his phone number to the writer. She can contact him directly. None of this would have happened though without your web site - ain't technology great?

Sue Girling

Unfortunately we haven't visited Steveston recently but when last we did,
there was a very good Japanese store in the area.
Is it still in Steveston and if so, what is it's name please?

Thanks, in advance.


I think the store you are looking for is Nikaido Gifts. I have forwarded
this email to them.


Dear Sue,

Hello, this is Shirley, long time no talk! What have you doing lately? You know, I like to bring my friend to steveston and walk around, but many stores close on Sunday, that's so annoying..........I mean, we are both busy on weekdays and stores close at night..........I think stores should open on Sunday too! If the store owners want to take a rest for one day, they can close stores early, but still, is more convenient for people to come to steveston on Sunday because many people still have to work on Saturday......... can you suggest this idea to the stores owners? Thanks very much!!


Hi Shirley,

I will post this to the site, maybe some businesses will reconsider.



Can you tell me more about the Fish Boat Festival?
When is it happening (Time schedule)?
What is it to see?


Pascal Leprevost

The Rotary Club of Steveston is putting on the event. Here is a link to the Fish Boat Festival information on the Rotary Club's website.


Hi there,

I am a local resident in Steveston and recently picked up a copy of the Villager - thanks for producing it! It's opened my eyes to a number of businesses that I didn't realise existed.

Please include me in the monthly newsletter distribution.

As you can tell from my e-mail address, I work with Investors Group. My clients are based in South West Richmond and I would welcome any opportunity to feature in your publication - please let me know what can be done in this regard.


Hello Richard,
Thank you for the kind words regarding the "Villager". I have added your email to our emailing list for the E-Newsletter. There are several ways in which we could be of help. They are listed on the Website at If I can be of further help explaining them, or if you would like more information and pricing please give me a call.
Best regards,
Sue Girling, Publisher
Sunor Enterprises Ltd.

I noticed in the reviews (in the first 2 or 3) of the steveston site mention of a few stores:

Barb's Country Furniture and Accessories
The Hospital Auxiliary Shop

However, I can't find these in your business directory or in the white/yellow pages. Can you point me to where would be the best place to ask?


Right here is the right place to ask! Thanks Ana for you inquiry. We are in the process of updating as we speak. We are adding adding to the Business Directory shortly.

For now:
The Hospital Auxiliary Shop is located under Consignment and Thrift Stores

Richmond Hospital Aux Thrift Store
3680 Moncton Street

Could you advise me as to where I might be able to find out more information or web connections for Bed & Breakfast accommodations in Steveston or immediate area.

Ed Grandan
Local 8855

If not at try Tourism Richmond's website --

Hello, very nice web site you have.
I was wondering I have some visitor from another province coming here and I want to take them you your area and wanted to go to the docks to pick up fish from the boat by the water and don't know what time would be the best to do that. Could you help me and my guest on the issue?
Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,
Gary Cook

Hi Gary,
Hope you enjoy your visit. I have been told the early bird catches the worm and is best for the weekend. The boats are out fishing during the week and sell their catch on the weekends at Fisherman's Wharf, at the end of 2nd avenue.

Dear sirs, First I would like to say how much I love Steveston and we visit there whenever we can. It has been a while though lately because of one thing and another. My question is this. There used to be a British goods store that sold british foods and newspapers and it was across the road from a wonderful seafood restaurant. I think it was Moncton street. I wondered if you could be so kind as to give me the names of the store and the restaurant.

Thank you,
Mrs Thelma
Hamer Peachland BC

Yes, the shop is called British Home. Here is the contact information.

British Home
3986 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC
V7E 3M1
Mary and Ray Carter

We're glad you've enjoyed your visits. See you soon!

Sue, Thanks for all your help Monday. I want to ask you if you had been to the new cafe beside the McDonalds...I think it used
to be One Stop or something like that. They sell soups, Panini etc and we went there for lunch. It was fabulous, they are
very nice people and the food was better than homemade! Just thought I'd let you know in case you plan to mention them in
'New businesses'. Not that I'm a food critic but I'm happy to see some new, fresh, lunch options available here.


Hi Jennifer, the shop is called Beans and Beyond and I've heard nothing but raves!

Just wondering how often the steveston booklet(or business directory) is published? is it monthly, or seasonally? I would like to know when I should come to pick up a new edition. Also, is there a newsletter that I can subscribe to for Steveston? How often is it sent out? I'm happy to see some new stores opening in steveston!!

The Steveston Villager is published seasonally (Summer and Fall issues) and the E-Newsletter is sent out on a monthly basis. To subscribe to the Steveston Village's monthly E-Newsletter, send an email to

Hello -- I hope you can help me -- I will be coming to the westcoast within the week, each time I come I have meant to visit Steveston because I have heard that there is a restaurant in the village that has the best fish and chips around --- but I do not know the name of it --- can you help me with the name and address of this place. thanks

Duane Unterschultz
Southern Alberta

I could be a bit bias. There are a few really great fish and chip shops.During the sunny days there is Pajo's which is a floating take out at thefoot of third avenue and at Garry Point Park with great outdoor ambience. There is also Sockeye City Dinner on the Boardwalk at Steveston Landing at the foot of 2nd Avenue more up scale with indoor and outdoor seating. The Steveston Hotel also has great fish and chips in their coffee shop. There is also Dave's Fish and Chips on Moncton St. closer to 3rd avenue and of course there is Jake's at Bayview Quay also on the Boardwalk at the foot of 2nd Avenue,with indoor and outdoor seating. Great views form almost all. Hope this helps.

Is there a whale whatching company in Steveston?

You bet! Try Steveston Seabreeze Adventures.

Hello! I cannot seem to find out anything on your website about fitness activities. please give me some information suitable for healthy, active retirees considering moving to Steveston to live. Thank you


Dear VC, look again on the Business Directory, Sports, Activities and Fitness

Would you have a guide to send me by snail mail on
this community and is there a big mall nearby?
Thank you,

Dear L, I am sending you a copy of The Steveston Villager, hope you enjoy it! As for malls, there are two nearby: Richmond Centre and Landsdowne Shopping Centre.

I am planning to visit Steveston, Richmond this Summer in early July and I want
to charter a fishing boat for 14 persons for 1/2 day fishing adventure.
Can you provide me the information, the cost for each individual fishing
license, the company which can provide such fishing tour???? Can you recommend
a reliable company that can provide such services?????

Dear I, Steveston Seabreeze Adventures is a reliable tour operator based in Steveston.

Am interested in knowing when salmon (particularly sockeye or Chinook) are for sale at the docks in Steveston.

Dear John, Your best bet is to check with the Steveston Harbour Authority, 272-5539 They should be able to help you. There are not very many openings for salmon and they hand the moorage at Fishermans Wharf.

Haven’t been in Steveston for going on some forty odd years and its about time I did something about it, also am a fish and chip nut and we hear great things about PaJo's . But my question to you is where do I park my RV, don't see any mention of a campground in your add, is there one not to far away?



Pajo's has two locations in Steveston. One at Garry Point Park and the other at the foot of third Avenue. Depending on which month you come will depend on whether they are open yet or not. Pajo's has a website, which is linked I think to Tourism Richmond. As far as parking while visiting, there is a very large lot for RV's on Chatham Street, starting at 4th Avenue.

Steveston doesn’t have any overnight campgrounds, but there is one in Richmond on River Road, sort of across the river from the Airport. Depending on how you come it is marked and failing that Tourism Richmond has a website that may be of help.

My family and I just returned from Steveston/Richmond. We spent a week visting relatives that I had never met before, seeing the tall ships and its events and shopping and eating at many of your wonderful shops. When my cousin took us to the Japanese/Steveston Cultural Centre, we notice the park's entrance with bricks. We were wondering if you could tell us who to contact/e-mail regarding a purchase of a brick.

Thank you for any help you can give us.


Chatham, Ontario

Please contact the Steveston Community Society at 604-718-8080

Great Site! I was wondering if we would need a permit for the open fire pits for a bbq? If so, where would I get one?


Dear Rex, Check with the City of Richmond, 604-276-4000 they should have that information

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